Welcome to CJ375 Reports. The stories here were produced by students studying “CJ-375: Intermediate Reporting” in the Communication & Journalism Department at the University of New Mexico — during the 2013 fall semester.

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The course emphasizes depth coverage via a news beat. Each student was encouraged to choose a beat at the beginning of the semester and develop a series of reports on that beat. The story assignments included a profile piece, a date-driven story and an in-depth issue report. For this, the final web build-out, the students were allowed to choose any or all of those stories — or to combine them — into a web-friendly, multimedia version.

The course instructor is Michael V. Marcotte.

If you have any comments on individual stories, please add them to the comments section on the story post. If you have comments or questions requiring a response from the instructor, please email Mr. Marcotte at mmarcotte(at)unm.edu.


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